The Loudoun Farm Exchange is an online classified service provided by Loudoun County through the Department of Economic Development for the benefit of Loudoun’s agricultural community and related industries. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The general public can see and respond to ads, but only registered members may post a listing.
  • Loudoun-based profiles will be confirmed via a registration process and identified as “Verified”.
  • The Exchange is intended as a service to growers, suppliers, and service providers who want to share information about crops, equipment, supplies, and services that they may have available. Job opportunities should be shared via clicking on the “Help Wanted” tab for the Work In Loudoun jobs portal.
  • The Exchange DOES NOT accept general advertising or posts not related to farm products grown, harvested, raised, or produced in Loudoun. Only specific products or services are to be listed.
  • Posts may be made with or without photos. We ask that you only add one or two photos. If you have more, add a line in your ad stating to “contact you for more”.
  • Uploaded photos are assumed to be your property and that you have the proper ownership or permissions to post on a public forum. By posting the photos and accepting these terms and conditions, you absolve Loudoun County and the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development of any responsibility or liability that may arise by an outside claim of ownership or copyright infringement.
  • Listings auto-expire after 6 months. Posts may be renewed, or new posts may be added as often as necessary. Best results will come from keeping listings up to date. Upon review of your ad, it will be posted to the Exchange, usually in 48-72 hours.
  • Loudoun County Department of Economic Development has the right to remove posts at any time.

Loudoun Farm Exchange Vendors: Please register here.

INTERESTED IN AN ITEM LISTED? Please respond DIRECTLY to the person listed in the post. Do not post comments on the listing as the person who listed the item(s) may not receive the information in a timely manner.

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